Delivering integrated solution out of various essential components of data centre is made possible by Converged Infrastructure solution. This guarantees the complete integration of all the layers of IT and avoids compatibility issues in traditional architecture. Provides single, optimized technology framework to centralize infrastructure management, increase automation and simplify system orchestration.


Facilitates faster deployment, easier scaling and act as the building block for cloud and its services. Delivers holistic system management approach.


All the components should work together to eliminate interoperability and compatibility issues. The system should automate many tasks, such as deploying applications and resources.

App Provisioning:

Apps for Windows/ Linux.

Unified Monitoring and Administration:

Simple IT administration by one tool that can access data about availability, performance and events for virtualization, storage, networks and security.

High Convergence:

System converges the entire infrastructure of servers, storage and networking to achieve the maximum benefit of consolidation. Single layer of support and services.

Operational Complexity:

Simplified Management

Turnkey Solution:

Agility and simplicity are the goals with any IT infrastructure. Orchestration viability provides agility in the services to be offered from IT.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Simplified and standardized system provides flexibility in optimizing and scaling the infrastructure in terms on compute and capacity in hours instead of days/weeks.

Integrate BigData, DevOps:

Use our Ready Frameworks/ Methodologies.